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  AYRO is compact in size but big on function and versatility.

ARYO ~ What drinking water should be
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Model# : AR-01S
 The AYRO significantly boosts the health profile of water, enhances essential minerals with antioxidants. Clinical studies have also confirmed the AYRO actually increases the antioxidants, essential minerals and hydration-efficiency of water.

Unlike any other products currently on the market, the AYRO is the first and only system able to use reverse osmosis (RO) or pure water to generate Antioxidant Water. Through patent-pending, proprietary technology, the AYRO converts RO water and is versatile enough to be used in conjunction with a household filtering system. 

The microcomputer system monitors water flow rate and filter cartridge usage. Different levels of Antioxidant water and acidic water can be selected with just a simple touch of a button positioned on the top of the unit. 

Life is made easier with the automatic cleaning feature--the system is programmed to periodically clean the electrolysis chamber maintaining the highest level of performance. Measuring only 9 ¼ x 6 

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